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Just say NO to fake duality!

I guess my first post relates to the overall case for there being two modes of human consciousness, tagged as “monadic” and “dyadic”. My blog title is just something I made up to represent my self-improvement work.

Here’s how I’m learning to view reality and all existence:

Starry Night by Van Gogh

Here’s how most of us are taught to view reality and all existence:


Some readers might “get it” right away or after a few minutes of comparing the two paintings. For those who need a bit more info, this might help:

Monadic: someone whose paradigm, or inner assumption set represents a single, self-consistent universe. He or she has the job of learning about the universe around us on every level of its existence as he/she evolves along with the universe. He learns to spot the patterns of fake dualism and integrate all the fragments of his knowledge to reflect the wholeness and internal consistency of the real universe. A monadic apprentice is more like the artist who experiences reality in the way it actually exists and understands that observation of what actually exists is the starting point for all valid knowledge.

Dyadic: someone who has to subconsciously slide perceived phenomena out of actual space and onto its own image space before perception can be acknowledged. This image space can also be referred to as a ‘null-context space’. The dyadic sees himself as separate from everyone and everything, including the universe.

Most often, when we need to solve some kind of problem, we drag the symbols of the stuff we want to think about into this ‘space’ with us and proceed to move them around on a kind of internal whiteboard. By so doing while thinking about the elements of a problem, the thing we are least likely to be able to look at is the real space itself because we forgot about it. One unfortunate consequence is that we ‘forget’ that there may be things happening that we cannot see.

Doing ‘thinking’ this way does not show any realization that learning is about the humble attitude of constraining our ignorance of something rather than “deeming”, pronouncing judgment, “creating” reality or telling reality what it is.

This dyadic mode of being is a cultural distortion that works its way into most everyone born into that culture. It’s ‘installed’ around the same time in life that we are being coerced and stressed into ritualized behavior that requires our brain chemistry to rebalance with abnormally high levels of dopamine flows in order to cope with the conditioning. This is what is meant by the “self-medicating” state, or “dopamine self-addiction” or the “heaviness” or “thick headedness” condition of many people.

Interestingly for most of us, dopamine self-addiction and the deep logical inversion of the cultural distortion are co-concealing, making it almost impossible for anyone to even ask the questions that would expose either of them.

But it has all been exposed and now we can talk about it and show how it all works in all of life’s contexts. The reason is because when this cultural distortion is fully understood, anyone can see that every expression of it is equivalent to every other expression of it. The isomorphisms (one-to-one relationships) run so deep, it’s mind-boggling and easy enough to see once you learn the trick of it!

Do I know what I’m talking about? We’ll find out soon enough, I reckon, but for now let me put it this way: If you have any experience of life at all and someone who knows what’s going on can explain it to you clearly enough, you can see it. You know.  And when you show it to someone else with the capacity to understand, they know. You can see it.  🙂

For the introduction to the dyadic flip click here. Don’t be afraid to leave me a comment. Thanky! 🙂

Doko ni datte, hito wa tsunagatte iru.
No matter where we are, we are all connected.

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