The WaySeer Manifesto

video imageWhy do people keep asking “What’s up with this WaySeer stuff?” How the heck would I know? Why don’t you go ask ‘them’? 🙂

Here’s the utube. And here’s the website.

Seriously, I reckon I see the same thing you do so, tell me what do you see? You could read what I wrote here, then come back and I’ll tell you what I see.

What I see, for what it’s worth:

This Wayseer Manifesto may well just be a marketing experiment – the kind LoPorto spoke of in 2004 during a moderated panel discussion. Here’s a quote from the site where you can watch the video:

Garret LoPorto believes that the internet may enable a new kind of politics to emerge—by motivating individuals with shared belief systems. The customary approach is to mass market –“indoctrinate,” says LoPorto– via broadcast media, employing demographics. LoPorto embraces the new “viral marketing,” which emphasizes “psychographics.” The internet encourages individuals to reveal themselves and express what they care about, says LoPorto. The trick is to find and transmit on the Web “ideas that enhance people’s identities,” and then to build networks around common concerns. The Web organizations MoveOn and True Majority quickly built large memberships using these methods.

According to a May, 2010 Huffington Post article, LoPorto talks about the polymorphic DRD4 gene and dopamine relationship – though, the information itself, is old news. Russell Barkley announced this gene discovery in the late ’90’s. Along with the data in those ‘twins’ studies, the announcement proposes a relationship between this polymorphic DRD4 dopamine receptor gene and AD/HD. LoPorto’s script also directly refers to ‘ADD’ along with what is said to be the three defining traits of ‘AD/HD’: ‘impulsivity’, ‘distractibility’ and ‘unstoppable energy’ (aka: ‘hyperactivity’).

Overall, the wording of the ‘manifesto’ is sufficiently ambiguous that any part of it could be interpreted as necessary to achieve a particular desired effect and the speaker can avoid being pinned down to specific meanings should that be desirable.

In addition to the vague adjectives that the listener can pretty much freely interpret, the particular negative orientation (or tone) of some of these words suggests an attempt to hook the “victim” mindset. In other words, those who see themselves standing outside the ‘established norms’ of society. In particular, the ADD references are the ones that are mostly used by  non-ADD people and by the ADD’ers who have been taught or encouraged to see themselves from the conventionally accepted ‘disordered’ perspective. But I suppose even that is to be expected, since a marketer would not be interested in targeting a person who didn’t need what he had to offer.

So it appears we have a call-out to ‘disordered’ ADD’ers and anyone who may display similar traits; like, for example: hypersensitive victims of neuro-toxicities and previous emotional or other traumas. Also anyone with other psychological disturbances that might identify with this message.

Judging by some of the responses to this video so far, also included are many of the ‘love and light’ and YCYOR (you create your own reality) crowd.

The manifesto’s apparent purpose is to offer a ‘spot’ in an imaginary ‘tribe’ or some kind of virtual community…perhaps so that the ‘tribal members’ can somehow feel safe and supported. In order to do something creative, I suppose? That part is equally ambiguous, yet consistent with goals expressed in that 2004 interview.

The thing that is pretty much clearer to me is that, backed by some neuro-chemistry data and interpretations and previous marketing experience, LoPorto seems to be working some plan involving winning friends, influencing people and making money – as could be expected just by glancing at his history and looking at what is actually happening.

To say anything over and above this, I suppose I would need to hunt for and gather more related data and to watch to see where this leads. Without knowing more about the larger process intended for this ‘Wayseer vision’ thingy to fit into, I take a more Bayesian stance which just means to hold in mind a range of all the possibilities, but as more data arrive, the weightings of your answer changes to include the further data obtained since the first ‘sums’ were done. That way you don’t jump to judgment so soon that you wind up having to backpedal.

Besides, actions are what counts, not words; and, I would think that any ‘Wayseer’ worth his salt knows that intention (conscious or not) is what gets expressed for all to see, regardless of anything said. So the question is really: “What are ‘they’ doing, if anything?”

Interestingly, as a ‘Wayseer’ by LoPorto’s definition, I am not attracted to this idea nor repelled by it, but I can see why some would be – on both counts. Perhaps it helps that I no longer see myself from the ‘disorder’ perspective, but still understand what that feels like.

As an aside, from what I’ve seen thus far, the following comment from Noa, seems to fairly represent the more reactionary initial response of many anti-Wayseers:

I had mixed feelings about this video.  I agree with the basic premise that we need to re-awaken that spark of independent thinking and creativity that has been suppressed.  I thought, however, they were advocating forceful rebellion, which I believe would be like trying to take down a rhinosaurus with a swarm of flies.

But, after visiting the website, I did not see anything that suggested aggressive rebellion as the goal of the movement…

Overall, I don’t yet know if Garret John LoPorto is really interested in the people who have become interested in the ‘Wayseers’.  Historically, followers who ‘feel the call’ are treated more like marketing test subjects (just ‘guinea pigs’). If that is true in this case, then the majority are not really ‘Wayseers’ any more than real ADD’ers are medically ‘disordered’ – they’re mostly just highly stressed individuals who, for many good reasons, are subject to their own internal fears and anxieties as well as various kinds of abusive treatment and manipulation from external sources – which now includes social media. They might just need a break.

Sheesh, I can’t wait for the day when everyone becomes fully conscious. I dunno exactly what the world would be like, but for sure it will be less stupid and more interesting, I reckon. 🙂

Closing notes:

1) In the words of  Mark D of The Bards blog:
If you really want to change the world, ready yourself for a true struggle. Learn how to fight, learn how to defend yourself. Speak out with unpopular opinions.
…And Remember “Sticking feathers up your butt does not make you a chicken.”

2) As the founder of The Fourth Way, Gurdjieff believed everyone was a “dog” until they proved otherwise. Considering what is available and known and revealed in contemporary psychology and psychopathology research, I think that’s sound policy for life.

The only certainty is change.

Hokey Dokey. That’s all. 🙂


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