Alterations in Brain Dopamine Pathway Appears to be Associated with Certain Symptoms of ADHD

Among the findings of the authors: “This study provides evidence in favor of the predicted disruption in the mesoaccumbens dopamine pathway in ADHD. With PET imaging, lower D2/D3 receptor and DAT [dopamine transporters] availability in those with ADHD than in the control group was documented in 2 key brain regions for reward and motivation (accumbens and midbrain),” they write.

“The lower than normal D2/D3 receptor and DAT availability in the accumbens and midbrain regions supports the hypothesis of an impairment of the dopamine reward pathway in ADHD.”

This pathway plays a key role in reinforcement-motivation and in learning stimuli-reward associations, and its involvement in ADHD supports the use of interventions to enhance the saliency of school and work tasks to improve performance.

Full article:

Researchers find a dopamine pathway with fewer receptors and transporters in ADHD adults. They interpret this as an “impairment” which supports the use of “interventions”.

My comments:
An alternative possibility : Could it also mean the ADHD adults aren’t naturally hard-wired for a certain self-reinforcing dopamine feedback loop? Is it more desirable for everyone to be the “happy” or “content” person that would be an “addict” in other contexts and bored to happiness with the status quo in this one? Where has that gotten us?  🙄


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