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For kids with ADHD, regular ‘green time’ is linked to milder symptoms

A new study adds to the evidence that time spent in green outdoor settings benefits children with ADHD. A study of more than 400 children diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder has found a link between the children’s routine play … Continue reading

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Stop or Go?

Stop or go…inhibit or excite? There seems to be some confusion regarding the claim that dopamine is a neuro-inhibitor in the dopamine addiction model, leading some people to have difficulty with the excitatory / inhibitory thing. Let me see if … Continue reading

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Intuition vs Ritalin

In a previous post on the missing faculties, I pointed out that the inductive faculty is the one that goes missing under the influence of drugs and dopamine self-addiction. The question is not ‘is there an inductive faculty?’ because those … Continue reading

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Fifty Great Things About ADD

Hi all! In a previous post, I spelled out all the important stuff in the DSM that concerns AD/HD. At the end of the post I suggested that there were a few misconceptions in that listing. I’d like to cover … Continue reading

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Is ADHD a disorder?

Not from my perspective. Then why is ADHD called a disorder? I don’t mean this to sound rude, but I really believe so many people are so high on their own dopamine, they require smooth, orderly, predictable, mechanical, boring behavior … Continue reading

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