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Alterations in Brain Dopamine Pathway Appears to be Associated with Certain Symptoms of ADHD

Among the findings of the authors: “This study provides evidence in favor of the predicted disruption in the mesoaccumbens dopamine pathway in ADHD. With PET imaging, lower D2/D3 receptor and DAT [dopamine transporters] availability in those with ADHD than in … Continue reading

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Addiction: Pay Attention

Heroin and chocolate cake have a nasty way of crowding out the rest of the universe. The country’s chief addiction expert argues that the propensity to drink, overeat and take drugs is a matter of attention gone awry. By Kathleen … Continue reading

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Stop or Go?

Stop or go…inhibit or excite? There seems to be some confusion regarding the claim that dopamine is a neuro-inhibitor in the dopamine addiction model, leading some people to have difficulty with the excitatory / inhibitory thing. Let me see if … Continue reading

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Dopamine Addiction & The Chemistry of Boredom

Preface Armed with the knowledge of dopamine self-addiction and the deep logical error elsewhere referred to as the ‘dyadic flip’, we can look again at the related neuroscience. The knowledge of dopamine gene differences in the population at large having … Continue reading

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Dopamine Addiction Model Intro

Introduction Apparently, in the mid to late 1990’s through the early 2000’s, a bunch of folks were working on some version of this concept orthogonally. To name just a few: In the engineering and psychological sectors, Alan Carter, Colston Sanger, … Continue reading

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Is ADHD a disorder?

Not from my perspective. Then why is ADHD called a disorder? I don’t mean this to sound rude, but I really believe so many people are so high on their own dopamine, they require smooth, orderly, predictable, mechanical, boring behavior … Continue reading

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