Hi all!

I’m known as Mac Rooney. Friends call me “L-bo” because they think it’s cute.

This is a Pro-AD/HD blog! Meaning you will not find anything on the subject of AD/HD from the ‘Disorder’ perspective and for good reason. The actual ‘condition’ is just a specific gene difference that allows natural immunity to dopamine self-addiction along the DRD4 pathway.

With that in mind, whenever you see “immunes” or “natural immunes” anywhere on this blog, I am talking about the people who are conventionally considered ‘diseased’ or ‘disordered’ simply because they are not dopamine junkies with their inductive cognitive loop squelched and who find it hard to comply with the unwitting passive-aggressive demands that other junkies find it easy to comply with.

In case you think I’m joking…

I strongly believe there will be an increasing need for those who have natural immunity to dopamine self-addiction and people who recover full consciousness (due to esoteric work or other means) to be willing to speak out, often against a lifetime’s fear of derisory responses. They must become more the initiative takers in social situations, which is their underlying tendency anyway.

Healthy humans solve problems when they see them. Adults must be more willing to speak out about their shared, richer world, so that a clear groundswell of opinion is raised to support children who are without rights of self-determination, yet whose parents do not enjoy their own level of awareness, and so cannot understand what is in these children’s best interests.

They must also learn to be more judgmental of the situations about them. This will be hard for many, who are familiar with a life in which they are simply glad when others are not nagging them to perform frenetic, pointless rituals. They must do so however, because a fully conscious person who wastes his or her precious time is no good to anyone, least of all themselves.

If their employer is keen to become more aware and values them, that is fine and they can do a valuable job. But if the employer really doesn’t want to know, because in fact delivering product and getting paid has become secondary to ritual fixing, they must leave.

There will be plenty of employers keen to seize a market lead while their competitors are ritual fixing, and there aren’t very many natural immunes in play. No matter how hard they try while working in in ritual fixing hotbeds, all surpluses natural immunes create will be absorbed at the top of the cycle. The more they create the worse the fall their colleagues will eventually suffer.

There is no such thing as ADHD! Anyone who doubts this is invited to help us to test and falsify the dopamine addiction model.

The fact is that being immune to dopamine addiction means you don’t suffer the loss of that half of the mind that others lose with their addiction. To test this for yourself, read about the faculties that go missing with dopamine addiction.

To create a new world that is safe and supportive for all human beings, we can start by getting our kids off Ritalin and other Methylphenidate-based psychostimulants before they burn out their brains. Today, more than ever, we need them. Just like they are. 🙂


Here’s my actual introduction, sort of.


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